Why we created notice?

Just about 4 months ago, during our semester exams, we needed to meet professors for some reasons. Now this was a real headache. The irritating thing was that every time we had to go to the institutional area to the professor’s office, a big lock used to be waiting for us. This was frustrating, piled up on the already terrifying exams. We banged our head and it did make us realize one thing- the communication gap. We started thinking more about it and it seemed that there’s nothing that can help us.

Such lack of communication is worrying. The gap that still exist between us and our community acts as a handicap in scores of activities.

In addition to the lack of communication within a college campus, the same is prevalent in our society as well. Nowadays, in a residential enclave, neighbors barely know each other due to a diminished interaction among them. This hugely limits a free exchange of information that might be relevant to a member of the community. Similarly, a tourist new to an area may have trouble locating a cost effective hotel, or a place to eat.

We started thinking about these issues and how we could bridge the communication gap between not just us and the professors but between every member of our society. Even today we have to go to boring noticeboards to see what’s important and useful. How do you find the important and useful information about a place where you are currently at? Or the neighborhood for that matter? Maybe through Facebook or twitter or WhatsApp? No. Regardless of how large-scaled and widely used these media are, they lack the basic functionality of  local information broadcasting. Searching for a specific piece of information can be quite cumbersome. These and similar media are quite inept in providing useful and important information about the locality, of which you are an integral part.

So in the end we failed to find an immediate solution that could serve us in our plight. Not ones to be bogged down, we brainstormed on what could be done to prevent any future inconvenience and Notice was born. As they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”


How does Notice provide an effective solution?

Instead of relying on notice boards, pamphlets and ads in the local newspapers or magazines as a communication medium in colleges and residential societies, why not use technology as the way forward? Having achieved so much through technology, why do we have to carry these potentially obsolete mediums any longer?

The time for change has come. The change that will ensure your deep connection with your community, the change that will ensure that you don’t miss even an iota of useful information around you, the change – Notice app.

Notice is a virtual community notice-board which will update you with everything worthwhile going around you. It carries forward the concept of traditional notice-boards using technology.  Notice aims to provide a viable replacement for physical notice-boards, in the form of mobile applications. Now there’s no need to put up posters for your missing pet everywhere. Notice has been created to help the general public transform a basic tool of communication into a simpler, more powerful and handy concept. We want to develop a sense among people that their community is as important as their friends living far off. We want to bring people closer to their community.

With Notice, you can be connected with the community and neighborhood, communicate with your neighbors. Now you can remain in touch with the local news, jobs, facts, meetings, events, offers, photos and all sorts of information about your local community. Now you’d be able to stay connected, socialize, locate people and even search for flat mates. If you visit a new place as a tourist, you could use Notice to ask for directions, explore and look for vacation tips and adventure spots.


What does Notice have to offer?

Notice uses innovative, clutter free, map-based and improved user interface. It aims to create a location based community. It accesses your GPS location and gives you the options to specify a radius (up to 5 km) and displays all notices within the radius in a scrollable format on the Home screen itself. You have the option to view the notices beyond the maximum radius as well. You can also choose to search for any place in the world and see notices posted around that place. You can post notices, search for users and set your viewing radius.

You can share these notices, save them for offline viewing or favorite and mark as important. You can view the location of origin and address of the notices in a sleek map interface. You can follow other users, and view their user profiles. You can post notices and search users.

Notice allows you to broadcast information and share links to all your followers. They receive these in the form of notifications and can view later. Notice provides secured privacy. And above all, it is free of cost.