Six types of people you will find in every Whatsapp group

Every Whatsapp group has some clearly identifiable breeds of members who can reach up to the level of irritation at times. This identification becomes a cake walk when you come online after a gap of few hours, but it applies only if you don’t feel suffocated for those few but pathetic hours of dissociation from  your favorite App. So sit back, read and correlate 😀

1. The Wishers’ well:  They remind you every six hours that it’s morning, noon, evening and night. They perform this duty of wishing ‘GMs’ and ‘GNs’ so diligently that it seems as if it’s the last time sun is going to set on the blue planet. They hardly say anything apart from the myriad of ‘Gs’.


2. The Emogers: Yes, you got it right. They are the real brothers of Mr. Bean and profusely uses sign language to convey their feelings, but, not the words. I really doubt if their teeth and tongue could resist rusting because of excessive exposure to air and moisture. I am eagerly waiting for a full-fledged novel of only these smileys and emoticons from any such emogy-freak.


3. The Mr. India: No it’s not about fighting against the evil or saving the city every next day. The only thing I am referring to invisibility. These people hardly show up in any conversation and their presence could be gauged only by the dint of the group info. So when you doubt the proportionality of the number of members with the scanty participation, blame these Mr. X’s.


4. The Name-Changers: They are the honorary workers who unfailingly change the group name and icon as per the occasion be it Diwali, Holi or Nagpanchami or yes the birthdays. And that too exactly at 11:59:59 PM, ISRO scientists should brush up their concepts of precision from these masters before launching the next Mangalyaan.


5. The Preacher in 3D: Today, if people look for an AIDS infected needle in a theatre seat, or about pesticides in the soft drinks or about beef and other filthy stuff in every food item: credit goes to these people. These agents of fear post so many life threatening messages that kids are now doubtful if Munch is made of dried shit of some endangered species.


6. The Ketan Mehtas: The so called 20 mb ‘short films’ and videos are so enthusiastically shared as if it was produced under their banner and they have invested a lot. Seriously, given the cost of data pack, you may start wondering how rich they are. But, thanks to office wi-fi that makes me feel sometimes that I am kind of overpaid.


But why do we have to endure all these nincompoops, just because these groups provide some valuable info at times. But again your participation is subject to the whims and fancies of the group admin who can anytime kick you out. Will it not be awesome if we could have this info without being forced to bear these unbearable?

Introducing Notice, a mobile app to know useful local info wherever you are. You don’t need to join any group for getting any kind of information. Just download the app and get to know your locality better.

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