Introducing Notice- A community noticeboard

In this golden age of technological innovation, connecting with friends and family is not challenging anymore. Technology has made interaction between friends and family a lot easier. Some years ago, a person new to an area may have been oblivious to the what’s important and useful around his location. A suggestion from someone who know what’s useful would certainly help.

You may not be aware of the recent government project that solved the traffic congestion on the highway you’ve been avoiding. Similarly, you may be missing out on the new hospital, or an NGO is organizing a campaign for teaching children or someone around you is planning a road trip. In situations like these or similar is when Notice comes in. Notice is the good old ‘word of mouth’ strategy for the tech-savvy generation.

Notice allows you to post notes which may be some useful information, opinion or suggestion and some interesting and fun happenings in and around the area. The app accesses your location and displays all notices posted by others within a radius specified by you. It is accessible by anyone without any restriction.

For instance, to cater to the issues mentioned before, you may find useful information regarding the new development projects undertaken by the government, the new hospital just inaugurated or a new mobile shop offering discounts that’d be really bad to miss out on or a blogger writing for local audiences on a general issue. In simpler terms, Notice is a simulation of a real world Noticeboard – much like you are discovering a contest being organized by another department within your college.

Notice is not restricted to a specified radius around your location. You can explore notices beyond your immediate neighborhood and plan your next get-together. In fact, Notice has even more diversified uses. You may recommend a dry-cleaner and post a notice for other members to see. Or you may discover a newly opened bookstore around which is offering 10% discount to its initial users.

To sum it up, notice acts as a display board for an interactive information sharing by a community. It allows you to know what’s important and useful around you and discover more about a certain location. It makes you more aware of the utilities, services and the relatively obscure issues within and beyond your immediate neighborhood.

Notice will soon be available on different mobile platforms for you to explore further.

Got any questions? Send us a message and we will be happy to talk to you. 🙂