Notice – Building blocks of the Global Creature

A planet being hit by thousands of asteroids for billions of years gradually starts to deflect them. The Alien civilization observing the Earth gets goosebumps as they watch the planet coming alive…

The Gaia hypothesis, also known as Gaia theory  or Gaia principle, proposes that organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a self-regulating, complex system that contributes to maintaining  the conditions for life on the planet.

It is actually so intriguing to observe how radically life has transformed the Earth. It is so fascinating to wonder how a piece of rock and lava could become something which can defend itself from destruction. Something which could not even move a pebble has huge skyscrapers built by it!

In the initial periods of Earth, if a volcano would explode at one end of the world, the other end won’t even have a clue about it. Looking at that planet, no one could have imagined how conscious that planet might evolve in future.With the advent of life slowly earth came alive. There was some motion on the surface of the Earth now. Things started to get ordered and beautiful. With the evolution of the ability of sensing, travelling and communicating in organisms, Earth became more and more sustainable and less vulnerable. With time and evolution, organisms could now interact and affect their surroundings. From the perspective of earth, it was like a fetus growing limbs. But it was just the beginning.

The most recent breakthrough is the Human race. With its advent, things have started to change exponentially. Humans revolutionized communication. They invented language. The knowledge of one generation could now be passed to the next through written text.

Humans are affecting their environment like no other organism. With the most recent developments in technology, you can communicate any information to any corner of the world. A news travels faster than an earthquake. With the recent developments in Internet of things, small devices can now communicate and work together too! The limbs of the fetus are growing stronger! But the main question here is “So what?!”

We believe that Becoming more and more conscious is essential for the survival of Earth. So far, the problems Earth has faced aren’t too big. They have only been surface level perturbations which can easily be handled. But gradually bigger perturbations, like Global warming, are emerging. Problems which are global can be solved most effectively only if Earth is more and more conscious and capable as a whole living system. The earth has grown so complex that our little-distributed efforts are too futile until they are not synchronized with the rest of the world. But before anything like that can be achieved, the constituent creatures of the Earth must work together in harmony and order. The efficiency of chaos is low, directed efforts reap better fruits, communication means alignment, alignment added to amazing human potential means development and glory.

At “Notice” what we are trying to do is build conscious communities. We believe that the efforts to make Earth a conscious creature must start by learning and being more aware about your surrounding community. The consciousness must spread from a smaller region to a broader one. Anyhow, this seems to be a more obvious and focused way to do so. If regular user-centric communication networks are the nerves of this fetus, then we are building the cells. If we are able to increase the understanding of people about their surroundings, even by a small fraction, it would be a huge success for us.