Be better informed about your community!

Thinking about where to go for shopping? What’s hot in your favorite shopping outlet? Which store is offering discounts? Want to know what’s happening in your college? Want to look for a local tutor? What new development is your local area going to witness? What you want to share with your friends and dear ones? And hundreds of other questions that’s running in your mind? Notice has all your answers.

It is a community notice-board available online, which allows you to share and see useful local information. Don’t mistake it for another social chat platform, but about networking. This app lets you know important as well as fun activities happening around you. It keeps you updated with your surroundings like a traditional notice-board but using technology. You can easily access information near you without any constraint and share them with your nearby.

As the name goes, Notice serves that platform to bridge the communication gap between all the society members. You must be thinking that the large social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp have already served this purpose. Then why Notice? But for your knowledge, these widely used media still lack the basic functionality of broadcasting information about your locality where you reside. This is where Notice app leads.

Now you must be thinking how it works. Well, this app uses progressive user interface which accesses your GPS location with options to specify a radius of up to five kilometers, thus displaying all the local information within the radius. Moreover, it is not restricted to only your area where you registered, but beyond, the maximum radius too. You can set your viewing radius, opt to see notices from anywhere around the world and share your posts. Where ever you travel Delhi or Mumbai, Kanyakumari or Tripura, notice will be with you, always. What more? The location address of the notices could be seen too in a smooth and clutter-free map interface.

Staying in touch with local events, news, photos, offers, jobs and sharing links to your followers has been made easier with Notice app. Don’t worry about your personal information as this app provides complete privacy, security for its users. And to top the cake with a cherry, this app comes with free of cost. So what are you waiting for? Install this app soon to see notices and get noticed.