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5 Meet Up Groups You Must Join In Delhi

There are a lot of meetup groups in Delhi where you can find people who have a similar interest as of yours and can learn together. From the sea of meetup groups, we have handpicked a few for some of the sectors that will be really worth your time. Have a look at these groups:

  1. Talking Books In Delhi



Bookworms reunite!! Currently,there are 1,653 members. Talking Books in Delhi is aimed at forming small groups who would just sit in a bookstore, talk about their favorite books, suggest books to each other, learn from each other.  Hosted by Abhyudaya Srivastava, who is a dentist by profession. Member of this group usually go to coffee shops, Daryaganj old book market, crossword bookstore in select city walk and everywhere else. They share their love for books and discuss the points why they love it. They also sit at various places and talk about the novels they want to write.  They are like-minded people seeing Delhi through their dreamy eyes.

Bonus: You can also have a free dental checkup on Thursday if you join this bookworm meet up.

2.  Delhi One Toast Master Club


Delhi One Toastmasters Club or DOTM is affiliated to Toastmasters International, a nonprofit educational network of 313,000 strong Members (popularly known as “Toastmasters”). The organization is spread across 126 countries with 14,650 enthusiastic clubs. Delhi One Toastmasters is one such leading club. Currently, there are 1,175 members in the Delhi club. In their usual meetings, DOTM is prettified with Speaking Opportunities in the form of PREPARED SPEECHES , Fun Impromptu Speaking exercises called TABLE TOPICS. Constructive Feedback for all your performances called EVALUATIONS. So, if you love debate or want to join such people who have same interest in debate and public speaking as you. Then joins this group and improve your public speaking skill.


  1. Delhi Startup Entrepreneurs


Are you an aspiring entrepreneur?? Delhi  StartUp Entrepreneurs is a group which inspires people to explore their potential as self-starters and innovators. In Delhi Entrepreneurs, their aim is to find out grass root leaders who have the capability to start something, give them a platform to ideate and provide required support to go forward. Currently with 4,284 startup entrepreneurs. Their bigger aim is to strengthen the ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Delhi by identifying next generation of leadership. Delhi Startup Entrepreneurs is an offshoot of the Global Entrepreneurship Week. Delhi Entrepreneur is organized by 6 leaders. They are all about New Technology, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Training, Startup Businesses, Social Entrepreneurship, Lean Startup, Venture Capital, Technology Startups, Entrepreneurship and Self Empowerment Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

  1. Trip Roadies


Are you an adventurous person?? Love going out in nature and explore places. Trip Roadies is a group for such daring people. This group is intended for all the fun and adventure lovers, travel enthusiasts, explorers in Delhi-NCR or anywhere on the globe who can make it to us. They organize regular meet-ups, various events, and national/international trips. There are Weekend as well as Weekdays Trips, Treks, Trails, Getaways, Game Tasks, Party Events, Expeditions and much more. Their aim is not just to give you a one-stop platform for all your travel and event needs but also to build a community of likeminded people who share the same interests and passions for fun, adventure, and life.  So if you share passion for activities like camping, hiking, trekking, skiing, river rafting, paragliding, wildlife safaris, sight-seeing or simply want to chitchat over a cup of coffee or tea and discuss travel and life, this group is for you.


  1. Delhi Photography Club


Are you an avid photographer or just bought a new camera?? Do you want to learn photography? Delhi Photography Club A platform for beginners & photography enthusiasts. DPC organizes beginner photography workshops, photo walks, outdoor trips, exhibitions to help you express your creative side.  What DPC is not: A platform to outdo each other. They aren’t in the business of identifying the best amongst the rest. If that is what you are looking for, you are on the wrong page What they are up to is that they  are constantly trying to take away all the possible reasons for you to not take up photography. So if you need more incentive to shoot, there are group activities like Heritage Photowalks where you can participate. If you just bought a camera, you can join their beginner’s course. If you can’t travel, there are mentors of the club who can help you remotely. DPC also gives you the opportunity to showcase your work in its exhibitions as a platform to finally show the world what you can do! So, hurry up and join this group.


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A Beginner’s Guide to Pokemon Go- How to Start?

Pokemon stands for pocket monsters and has been around forever as a Japanese Video game, a card trading game and an anime series. Pokemon Go seems to be inspired by a Google April Fool’s day prank a few years ago. It was released as an Augmented Reality (AR) in three countries and a whole flurry of them right after.

What is Augmented Reality:

A new technology, called augmented reality, blurs the line between what’s real and what’s computer-generated by enhancing what we see, hear, feel and smell.

On the spectrum between virtual reality, which creates immersive, computer-generated environments, and the real world, augmented reality is closer to the real world. Augmented reality adds graphics, sounds, haptic feedback and smell to the natural world as it exists. Both video games and cell phones are driving the development of augmented reality. In short, researchers and engineers are pulling graphics out of your television screen or computer display and integrating them into real-world environments.

How to start playing in India

For Android phones, you download the game’s APK (android package kit) and sideload it to your phone by connecting it to a computer. Try to get the ‘real’ APK file – seems to have a legitimate file. For iOS devices, you need a new apple ID with an address in one of the countries where it’s officially released and then download it from the app store. Get your pokemeon app here now

Getting Started

Once it’s ready to go, you can start playing by selecting a Google account to connect to the game. Another option is to create a Pokémon Trainer Club account, but that’s more for dedicated fans of the series. The game requires you to always be connected to the internet in order to play, so if you’re not on Wi-Fi or data, you won’t be able to log in. The servers are currently finicky, so you may experience other issues trying to get your Pokémon Go game started.

As you download the game, a rudimentary map of your city shows up and as you roam around, your ‘radar’ shows you all kinds of Pokemon you can capture to start your army. Running on a smartphone, GO will keep you notified of how far away a nearby Pokémon, rival trainer or group event is.

Niantic Labs, a former subsidiary of Google and developer of the game, created the image below to help you understand what all those little markers on the map mean:



Here’s what the numbers are referring to, in order:

  1. The compass: Toggles the viewing direction in Map View. You can switch between a north-viewing direction and auto-rotation, which follows your viewing direction. You can also rotate using touch gestures.
  2. Gyms: Locations where teams train and battle Pokémon.
  3. PokéStops: Locations where Trainers can acquire items such as Poké Balls, Potions, and/or Eggs.
  4. Trainer: Your avatar.
  5. Profile Icon: Shows your progress and achievements.
  6. Main Menu: Accesses settings, items, your Pokédex, the shop, and Pokémon menu options.
  7. Nearby Pokémon: Displays wild Pokémon located nearby.

You can also get eggs which can be incubated.

The biggest selling point of Pokémon Go is that it requires you to actually get up off the couch and head outside in order to play it. The game will walk you through this and make it abundantly clear, but for those who miss the directions: It relies on your phone’s GPS signal in order to determine where you are and where the Pokémon closest to you are.

Keep walking around outside in order to find a Pokémon. The little pocket monsters will appear on the map once you’ve stumbled upon one. You can then take pictures of the monster for fun, or you can swipe the red-and-white ball at the bottom of the screen to try to add it to your collection. This gets a little bit tricky, but try your best to aim your throw for the center of the Pokémon. Eventually, it will be caught.

Understand the Different Types of Pokemon

If you have played any other Pokemon games it is likely that you are familiar with at least some if not all of the different Pokemon Types. If you are completely new to the Pokemon franchise, there are a total of 18 different Types of Pokemon. Each Type has strengths and weaknesses against certain other Types in battle. For example, Fire is strong against Grass, Grass is strong against Water and Water is strong against Fire.

Pokemon Beginner’s should familiarize themselves with all Pokemon Types to help provide that extra advantage in battle.



                                                                                             Go Catch ‘em all!


This blog has been contributed by our team member Amrita Gupta. Thanks for sharing your research with us.


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5 Places In Delhi A Book Lover Should Definitely Visit

Delhi markets are a dream for every book lover. You get the biggest steals and deals on all kinds of books here!
So, we have picked up five places for you to check out for amazing bargains on books. Let’s take you through them.

1. Dariyaganj

Famous for its Sunday Market where one can see streets dotted with books of all colours and sizes, Daryaganj is a reader’s favourite. You can buy a lot of second-hand books in Delhi for a small amount of money. Rejoice! Parking here might be a problem so take our advice and head here via the comfortable and convenient metro. Do remember, the book market only happens on Sundays and if you come here on a weekday, you might not find any books at all!

2. Nai Sarak

The book market in Nai Sarak is one of the popular book markets in Delhi that connects Chandni Chowk and Chawri Bazaar. The lane is dotted with booksellers selling all sorts of books from course books to fiction to autobiography. If you are desperately looking for a certain academic book in vain, it is highly likely you will find it here. You can also pick up all sorts of stationery here for school, office or home, wherever you want at wholesale prices!

3. Connaught Place

The book is not dead. Not in Connaught Place, central Delhi’s colonial-era shopping district. From Oxford book store to Janpath Markets And Palika Bazar, you will find books in every corner. You will find some of the oldest bookstores here. Everyone’s dream!

4. Bahrisons Booksellers

Bahrisons bookstore is special, is the feeling one gets after entering the book store. The bookshop begins in post-partition India – out of the struggle of one man, who – though destined to be a teacher, makes new beginnings in a new country by opening his small bookstore in New Delhi’s Khan Market, India. Today, fifty years after its inception, the place enjoys a landmark status in the city. They also have multiple outlets now.

5. The World Book Fair

Taking place in the month of February, the World Book Fair is a major attraction of book lovers all over India. Often addressed as the ‘Book Capital of India’, Delhi organises the World Book Fair with great gusto at Pragati Maidan. This biannual festival is the world’s second largest book exhibition event and has registered the participation of some 23 countries together! This is also India’s oldest book fair and countless bookworms stream into Pragati Maidan to make it a roaring success every season.


This blog has been contributed by our team member Amrita Gupta. Thanks for sharing your research with us.


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7 reasons why India needs Uniform Civil Code

We all know that India is a secular country, even our Constitution says so. But the question is ‘are we really secular?’ Let us first look at the meaning of this word. Secular country means when a country is or purports to be officially neutral in matters of religion, supporting neither religion nor irreligion. But is it really the matter in India?

Let us look at the actual scenario with respect to personal laws in India. The laws are different for same matters in different religions. For example, there are differences in laws of marriage, divorce and even inheritance.

Thus we see that because of these diversities in the legal system there is no uniformity that prevails when it comes to personal laws.  The aim of this uniform code is to bring streamline in the personal laws and to ensure that the law treats every person equal irrespective of the religion it preaches and the sect it belongs. The proposed legislation is aimed at replacing personal laws of various communities on marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption, and maintenance.

Following are the reasons explaining why India needs UCC:

1.  It Promotes Real Secularism

What we have right now in India is selective secularism which means that in some areas we are secular and in others we aren’t. A uniform civil code means that all citizens of India have to follow the same laws irrespective of the religion they belong to. A uniform civil code doesn’t mean it will limit the freedom of people to follow their religion, it just means that every person will be treated the same. That’s real secularism.1

2. All Indians Should be Treated Same:

Right now we have personal laws based on particular religions. But, all Indians should be treated same. All the laws related to marriage, inheritance, family, land etc. should be equal for all Indians. This is the only way to ensure that all Indians are treated same.



3. It will Give More Rights to the Women

A uniform civil code will also help in improving the condition of women in India. Our society is extremely patriarchal and misogynistic.  A uniform civil code will help in changing these age-old traditions that have no place in today’s society, where we do understand that women should be treated fairly and given equal rights.



4. Sign of a Progressive Nation: 

A uniform civil code is the sign of modern progressive nation. It is a sign that the nation has moved away from caste and religious politics. While our economic growth has been the highest in the world our social growth has not happened at all. In fact it might be right to say that socially and culturally we have degraded to a point where we are neither modern nor traditional.



5. Personal Laws Are a Loop Hole

The various personal laws are basically a loophole to be exploited by those who have the power. Our panchayats continue to give judgments that are against our constitution and we don’t do anything about it. Human rights are violated through honor killings and female foeticide throughout our country. By allowing personal laws we have constituted an alternate judicial system that still operates on thousands of years old values. A uniform civil code would change that.

6.  It Will Help in Reducing Vote Bank Politics

A uniform civil code will also help in reducing vote bank politics that most political parties indulge in during every election. If all religions are covered under the same laws, the politicians will have less to offer to certain minorities in exchange of their vote. Not having a uniform civil code is detrimental to true democracy and that has to change.


7. It Will Integrate India:

A uniform civil code will help in integrating India more than it has ever been since independence. A lot of the animosity is caused by preferential treatment by the law of certain religious communities and this can be avoided by a uniform civil code. It will help in bringing every Indian, despite his caste, religion or tribe, under one national civil code of conduct.



We applaud the initiative of government to bring such a change in India. What are your views?

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7 Proven Ways to Improve Your Career

No one is responsible for your career- you are. It’s both important and rewarding to continue to develop your skills and move forward. Here are some proven ways to improve in your career and move toward the path of success:

1. Don’t be afraid to fail at something

Want to advance in your career? Then don’t be afraid to fail at something.  When you fail at something–and because you’re human, you inevitably will, just like the rest of us–don’t let that be the end of your road. Let it be the vehicle to your success. Look at failure as the incredible learning experience that it often is. Failure only stops us if we let them. If you don’t fail, you won’t learn from your mistakes.



2. Set up your priority work first

Working smarter matters!! Tackle most important projects in the morning when your willpower is still high. I came across this suggestion on twitter. This idea is very simple:  instead of putting off that important – or the least desirable – task until later in the day, start your morning off by doing it first. It will improve your overall productivity and set the right tone of your day.2-min

3. Write down All of Your Ideas

If you have thought of a great idea but forgot to write it down, by the next morning that idea will be gone forever. Pen and paper may not always be available to you but how about note it on your phone or sending yourself an email.  If you have pen and paper available, then jot down your thoughts and scribble ideas. You will never be left wondering how that great idea escaped!



4. Feedback is your best friend

Communications are more effective where feedback is applied. Feedback, if delivered properly, can be the best gift you can receive from others. Feedback can also be highly motivating and energizing. Be open to feedbacks. Instead of replying, listen to it carefully. Consider the feedback and decide how you are going to act upon it. Remember that the person giving the feedback felt strongly enough to bother mentioning it to you.



5. Dress for success

If you want to be successful, try to look best. The way you dress will likely make an impression on your boss no matter where you work. Looking presentable is important. Neat, presentable work attire can help you move up in your career, or at least keep your job, while consistent inappropriate clothing may negatively affect the way your boss perceives you. Particularly if your company has a dress code (official or not), breaking it can mean bad news for you.



6. Goal Digger

Setting goals is crucial to advance in your career. People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. Most importantly, make your goals realistic. List goals that you know you can achieve. Without goal, you lack focus and direction. The key to success is to concentrate on your goals, not on the obstacles. Remember this: Set Goal. Make Plan. Get to Work. Stick to it. Reach Goals.



7. Celebrate your success 

While working to attain all your goals, don’t forget to pause and celebrate your victories, no matter how big or small they are. This will not only help build confidence in yourself, but also help build the confidence others have in you. Be proud of every step you take toward reaching that goal.



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Introducing Notice:

5 places that you must visit in Delhi

Many of us love travelling and visiting new places worldwide. However, there are places in India that are worth your time and money and are unique. Here is the list of 5 places you must visit while you are in Delhi:

India Gate


It holds a unique significance in India’s affinity for peace and the price this country has paid to achieve that. India Gate is a memorial to honor the soldiers who laid their lives across wars, especially during the World War II. It is a monument which salutes those brave-hearts. For Delhites, India Gate is the most popular hangout spot for a night out.

Red Fort

red fort-min

It has been constructed with large blocks of red sandstone. You will be surprised to see the architectural expertise and what people can build.

Qutub Minar

qutub minar-min

It is one of the most recognizable monuments in the country and stands majestically at 72.5 m and is covered with intricate carvings and verses from the Qur’an.

Chandni Chowk


Apart from its historical significance, Chandni Chowk is the perfect marketplace satisfying a range of Delhi-ites – from the bookworms in Nai Sarak and Daryaganj Book Market to the insatiable foodies in Parathe wali gali. It also hosts the Chor Bazar (thieve’s market) where you can find electronics, clothes etc. at temptingly low prices.

Akshardham Temple


To put this on top your list, it would be suffice to say that Akshardham holds the Guinness Record for being the World’s Largest Comprehensive Hindu Temple. It is well known for its architectural beauty, culture and serenity. The water show in the evening, with its flawless synchronization, is a marvel in itself and can’t be missed.

Exploring a new city takes a lot of pre-planning. Planning the journey, the stay and whatnot. It’s challenging to be comfortable in a completely new city you know nothing about – not the culture, not the commonly followed practices. You could easily be duped. Notice helps you provide a list of all the necessary places of interests around the tourist spots you would like to visit. Be it a good hotel or a good restaurant, notice comes up with the best suggestions for the best resources – the natives and fellow visitors themselves.

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Be better informed about your community!

Thinking about where to go for shopping? What’s hot in your favorite shopping outlet? Which store is offering discounts? Want to know what’s happening in your college? Want to look for a local tutor? What new development is your local area going to witness? What you want to share with your friends and dear ones? And hundreds of other questions that’s running in your mind? Notice has all your answers.

It is a community notice-board available online, which allows you to share and see useful local information. Don’t mistake it for another social chat platform, but about networking. This app lets you know important as well as fun activities happening around you. It keeps you updated with your surroundings like a traditional notice-board but using technology. You can easily access information near you without any constraint and share them with your nearby.

As the name goes, Notice serves that platform to bridge the communication gap between all the society members. You must be thinking that the large social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp have already served this purpose. Then why Notice? But for your knowledge, these widely used media still lack the basic functionality of broadcasting information about your locality where you reside. This is where Notice app leads.

Now you must be thinking how it works. Well, this app uses progressive user interface which accesses your GPS location with options to specify a radius of up to five kilometers, thus displaying all the local information within the radius. Moreover, it is not restricted to only your area where you registered, but beyond, the maximum radius too. You can set your viewing radius, opt to see notices from anywhere around the world and share your posts. Where ever you travel Delhi or Mumbai, Kanyakumari or Tripura, notice will be with you, always. What more? The location address of the notices could be seen too in a smooth and clutter-free map interface.

Staying in touch with local events, news, photos, offers, jobs and sharing links to your followers has been made easier with Notice app. Don’t worry about your personal information as this app provides complete privacy, security for its users. And to top the cake with a cherry, this app comes with free of cost. So what are you waiting for? Install this app soon to see notices and get noticed.

5 kinds of Neighbors and Roommates

The ones you share an apartment with or the neighbors who live nearby form a part of your life. With roommates, you have to synchronize your habits, sleeping schedules, bathroom timings and share household expenses. A mismatch can be quite a downer. You should be able to make compromises knowing they will do the same. Here are the 5 kinds of neighbors and roommates you will generally find:

1. The Kramers

For this particular species of neighbors, your house is an extension of their humble abode. They invite themselves into your home and life, with a spectacular entrance. It requires special skills to keep them in check. They have some weird fetishes.


2. The Joey

Well, they don’t share food. They love food. Theirs, yours doesn’t matter. They kind of owns your fridge and the edibles. They’re pretty much like the Kramers, just less awkward. And they are children at heart.


3. The Sheldons

The very first night together, they will present a well thought out Roommate Agreement. They are socially awkward and expects you to take care of them. They won’t let you sit at their spot, have strictly maintained bathroom timings you must adhere to and worst of all, don’t get sarcasm.


4. The Chandlers

Every Joey needs a Chandler. They are the brains and the decision makers of the house. You trust them with household stuff, finances and all because you are too dumb or lazy to figure out anything. You don’t feel right sharing an apartment with anyone but them.


5. The Charlie

He flaunts his playboy/party boy lifestyle. He drinks whenever convenient and his drunken antics will constantly bother you. He doesn’t acknowledge your existence unless you persistently make him aware of that.


Neighbors and roommates should be an important factor in finalizing where you want to live. Among other things, Notice provides that kind of feedback. You can see all the flats and apartments available, read the feedback and know people’s opinion about that particular society. In addition, you can also know all the transport facilities, market and other services around that particular location. This will help you make an informed choice.

Notice – Building blocks of the Global Creature

A planet being hit by thousands of asteroids for billions of years gradually starts to deflect them. The Alien civilization observing the Earth gets goosebumps as they watch the planet coming alive…

The Gaia hypothesis, also known as Gaia theory  or Gaia principle, proposes that organisms interact with their inorganic surroundings on Earth to form a self-regulating, complex system that contributes to maintaining  the conditions for life on the planet.

It is actually so intriguing to observe how radically life has transformed the Earth. It is so fascinating to wonder how a piece of rock and lava could become something which can defend itself from destruction. Something which could not even move a pebble has huge skyscrapers built by it!

In the initial periods of Earth, if a volcano would explode at one end of the world, the other end won’t even have a clue about it. Looking at that planet, no one could have imagined how conscious that planet might evolve in future.With the advent of life slowly earth came alive. There was some motion on the surface of the Earth now. Things started to get ordered and beautiful. With the evolution of the ability of sensing, travelling and communicating in organisms, Earth became more and more sustainable and less vulnerable. With time and evolution, organisms could now interact and affect their surroundings. From the perspective of earth, it was like a fetus growing limbs. But it was just the beginning.

The most recent breakthrough is the Human race. With its advent, things have started to change exponentially. Humans revolutionized communication. They invented language. The knowledge of one generation could now be passed to the next through written text.

Humans are affecting their environment like no other organism. With the most recent developments in technology, you can communicate any information to any corner of the world. A news travels faster than an earthquake. With the recent developments in Internet of things, small devices can now communicate and work together too! The limbs of the fetus are growing stronger! But the main question here is “So what?!”

We believe that Becoming more and more conscious is essential for the survival of Earth. So far, the problems Earth has faced aren’t too big. They have only been surface level perturbations which can easily be handled. But gradually bigger perturbations, like Global warming, are emerging. Problems which are global can be solved most effectively only if Earth is more and more conscious and capable as a whole living system. The earth has grown so complex that our little-distributed efforts are too futile until they are not synchronized with the rest of the world. But before anything like that can be achieved, the constituent creatures of the Earth must work together in harmony and order. The efficiency of chaos is low, directed efforts reap better fruits, communication means alignment, alignment added to amazing human potential means development and glory.

At “Notice” what we are trying to do is build conscious communities. We believe that the efforts to make Earth a conscious creature must start by learning and being more aware about your surrounding community. The consciousness must spread from a smaller region to a broader one. Anyhow, this seems to be a more obvious and focused way to do so. If regular user-centric communication networks are the nerves of this fetus, then we are building the cells. If we are able to increase the understanding of people about their surroundings, even by a small fraction, it would be a huge success for us.

Six types of people you will find in every Whatsapp group

Every Whatsapp group has some clearly identifiable breeds of members who can reach up to the level of irritation at times. This identification becomes a cake walk when you come online after a gap of few hours, but it applies only if you don’t feel suffocated for those few but pathetic hours of dissociation from  your favorite App. So sit back, read and correlate 😀

1. The Wishers’ well:  They remind you every six hours that it’s morning, noon, evening and night. They perform this duty of wishing ‘GMs’ and ‘GNs’ so diligently that it seems as if it’s the last time sun is going to set on the blue planet. They hardly say anything apart from the myriad of ‘Gs’.


2. The Emogers: Yes, you got it right. They are the real brothers of Mr. Bean and profusely uses sign language to convey their feelings, but, not the words. I really doubt if their teeth and tongue could resist rusting because of excessive exposure to air and moisture. I am eagerly waiting for a full-fledged novel of only these smileys and emoticons from any such emogy-freak.


3. The Mr. India: No it’s not about fighting against the evil or saving the city every next day. The only thing I am referring to invisibility. These people hardly show up in any conversation and their presence could be gauged only by the dint of the group info. So when you doubt the proportionality of the number of members with the scanty participation, blame these Mr. X’s.


4. The Name-Changers: They are the honorary workers who unfailingly change the group name and icon as per the occasion be it Diwali, Holi or Nagpanchami or yes the birthdays. And that too exactly at 11:59:59 PM, ISRO scientists should brush up their concepts of precision from these masters before launching the next Mangalyaan.


5. The Preacher in 3D: Today, if people look for an AIDS infected needle in a theatre seat, or about pesticides in the soft drinks or about beef and other filthy stuff in every food item: credit goes to these people. These agents of fear post so many life threatening messages that kids are now doubtful if Munch is made of dried shit of some endangered species.


6. The Ketan Mehtas: The so called 20 mb ‘short films’ and videos are so enthusiastically shared as if it was produced under their banner and they have invested a lot. Seriously, given the cost of data pack, you may start wondering how rich they are. But, thanks to office wi-fi that makes me feel sometimes that I am kind of overpaid.


But why do we have to endure all these nincompoops, just because these groups provide some valuable info at times. But again your participation is subject to the whims and fancies of the group admin who can anytime kick you out. Will it not be awesome if we could have this info without being forced to bear these unbearable?

Introducing Notice, a mobile app to know useful local info wherever you are. You don’t need to join any group for getting any kind of information. Just download the app and get to know your locality better.

Download and try it now!