5 kinds of Neighbors and Roommates

The ones you share an apartment with or the neighbors who live nearby form a part of your life. With roommates, you have to synchronize your habits, sleeping schedules, bathroom timings and share household expenses. A mismatch can be quite a downer. You should be able to make compromises knowing they will do the same. Here are the 5 kinds of neighbors and roommates you will generally find:

1. The Kramers

For this particular species of neighbors, your house is an extension of their humble abode. They invite themselves into your home and life, with a spectacular entrance. It requires special skills to keep them in check. They have some weird fetishes.


2. The Joey

Well, they don’t share food. They love food. Theirs, yours doesn’t matter. They kind of owns your fridge and the edibles. They’re pretty much like the Kramers, just less awkward. And they are children at heart.


3. The Sheldons

The very first night together, they will present a well thought out Roommate Agreement. They are socially awkward and expects you to take care of them. They won’t let you sit at their spot, have strictly maintained bathroom timings you must adhere to and worst of all, don’t get sarcasm.


4. The Chandlers

Every Joey needs a Chandler. They are the brains and the decision makers of the house. You trust them with household stuff, finances and all because you are too dumb or lazy to figure out anything. You don’t feel right sharing an apartment with anyone but them.


5. The Charlie

He flaunts his playboy/party boy lifestyle. He drinks whenever convenient and his drunken antics will constantly bother you. He doesn’t acknowledge your existence unless you persistently make him aware of that.


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